Mountain spruce resonance soundboard

The resonance deck is crafted from carefully selected spruce, which has a low density, high rigidity and high speed of sound, which provides excellent resonance properties. A long pre-drying period allows the timber to reach the optimum moisture level.

White beech staves

Solid white beech stems for high durability and sound quality

Durable cast iron frame

Modern technologies of casting and processing in the manufacture of a cast iron frame, combined with high quality raw materials, allow you to create a solid frame with an interesting design.

Virbelbank from dechonite

The multilayer material of the virbelbank is dehonite, it holds the pitch perfectly and is easy to adjust. Virbeli are made of high-strength steel with advanced coating technology

Strings ROSLAU (Germany)

Steel strings (smooth and copper-wound) from ROSLAU (Germany) provide clarity of sound transmission, depth of sound and pleasant timbre

Mahogany hammers with virgin wool felt

Mahogany hammers with natural wool felt made by ABEL (Germany) or German FFW have a nonlinear elasticity, which ensures the dependence of the spectral color of the sound on the impact force, which in turn allows the pianist to control a wide timbre sound palette.

Spruce keyboard with ebony overlays

Crafted from spruce with East African ebony overlays, it has superior feel and sound comfort

Micro-lift keyboard valve

Keyboard valve with microlift - a highlight that harmoniously complements the elegant image of the instrument

Manual tuning of the key mechanism

Each instrument is individually finely tuned by hand to ensure the highest precision, stability, durability and comfort during use.

Tuning and intonation

Progressive innovations in the process of tuning instruments allow you to fully reveal the acoustic capabilities of each specific instance.

The obligatory intonation of the instruments allows not only to equalize the timbre and volume of the sounding of notes, but also gives the performer the opportunity to control the dynamics in the range from pianissimo to fortissimo.

* The materials and technologies used may differ depending on the model. The manufacturer reserves the right to make any changes in the design and characteristics of the products.

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